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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's message on BEING COLOUR SAFE

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Hair colourants have been extensively studied and their safety has been repeatedly confirmed by independent scientists and regulatory authorities alike. Consumers can use hair colourants with confidence when all instructions are followed correctly.

Hair Colour Allergies

Allergies can occur with a vast number of substances, including foods and natural ingredients.

Allergic reactions to hair colourants are extremely rare. Reactions can occur for a very small number of people and especially if they have previously had a black henna tattoo.

Potential reactions can be detected by carrying out the skin allergy test, as directed, 48 hours before you wish to use the product. The Skin Allergy Test must be completed before each colour application.

Please click here to see how to perform a skin allergy test.

Always be colour safe, Call us for advice on: UK: 0800 0304 031, ROI: 1800 818 671, RSA: 086 010 2491.
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